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Dia dhuit!
I'm a web monkey
Welcome to my portfolio of sorts. My name is Theresa Hubley and I'm a left-handed, trained graphic designer and self-taught web monkey who dabbles in design and development. I've worked with PHP, XML/XSL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and CMSs such as Wordpress, Cascade Server and Joomla!. I'm currently based in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and work for Lighthouse Publishing. Please, feel free to take a look at stuff I've done or some photos I've taken.
midzilla splash

PVEC IB Society

Tools: CSS, XHTML, Wordpress
Link: http://www.parkviewibsociety.ca
While this never went live and doesn't look impressive, this site was an excellent exercise. The original site, still up at the url above, used flash and an excessive amount of tables. My version (seen here) made Wordpress do all the work of image slideshows, dropdown menus and organization. While the design still uses simple tables to hold content, it is all W3C valid.
midzilla splash

Midzilla.org Splash

Tools: Photoshop CS, CSS, XHTML
Link: http://midzilla.org
This is the original splash I threw together real quick when I wanted to make a portfolio site. It didn't have a long shelf life, since I wanted to get the site done (yay!).
Layout concept for no-stories.net

No Stories concept

Tools: Photoshop CS
Link: http://no-stories.net
Concept for one of my other domains. Kittens are just my stock images. This never saw the light of day mostly cause I could never decide on a style for the header graphic.
If you have any questions, comments or would just like to generally throw money my way (in exchange for a little code or graphic monkeying), feel free to use the form to the side or contact me directly with the methods below. I swear, I don't bite.

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